Aim | To develop and promote social welfare movement based on humanitarian concepts.

Goal | To build a charity establishment for the mentally and physically disabled children on the core of Jesus       Christ's compassionate spirit.

About Us:

Daniel A. Poling Memorial Babies' Home, founded in February 1953, has been providing the best quality of care for babies in Taiwan. Since then, it has taken care of more than 1,000 children. As the time changed, , the orphanage was transformed into an institution catering mainly to the mentally and physically disabled children to meet the society's needs. Children who are afflicted with severe cerebral palsy, learning disability, Kanner Syndrome as well as abandoned babies and abused children can receive professional care here. The children can also learn and have the access to professional rehabilitation in a loving and warm environment.

01 | We assist women who suffer from domestic violence abuse or social disadvantages from giving birth out of wedlock. We refer them to where they can seek support.
02 | Rehabilitation Care: we provide around-the-clock rehabilitation training for those who suffer from undergo cerebral palsy and other similar affliction .
03 | Special Education is also implemented for children who endure learning disabilities and Kanner Syndrome and age between 3 and 25.
04 | We shelter children who experience sudden loss of their parents or domestic violence abuse to lead a normal life.